OrangeCamp Camper Van K6

K6 is the newest OrangeCamp product. We have been working on the concept of a camper van for a while and paid special attention to its usability.

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Orangecamp Motorhomes – Quality made in Germany

ORANGECAMP motorhomes with high standards of quality at an affordable price are exclusively the product of Brinkmann Caravan GmbH in Brunswick.
With over 50 years of experience with RVs and after 18 years of successful caravan and motorhome trade, in 2005 appeared our own brand ORANGECAMP. With clear and high-standard personal requirements, lots of experience and countless suggestions from our customers, I developed my own idea of a motorhome into a finished product for our price- and quality-conscious customers. During 8 years of sales, we created 12 different layouts in a number of variations and in season 2014 appeared the long-awaited camper van K6. Like all other OrangeCamp models, K6 is also affordable and cleverly done with ABUNDANCE of equipment and well-known special options only available from OrangeCamp. This way you yourself, dear customers, choose from a variety of models ranging from minimalistic campers to technically fully-equipped motorhomes. Since 2009, all our vehicles are made in Germany. This decision allows us together with our experienced workshop team to offer you a better-than-ever care for the entire lifetime of your ORANGECAMP vehicle.
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Yours truly,
Jens Brinkmann

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